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Frilly Bits is proud to announce they only use cruelty free feathers


What is the time frame for receiving a custom order?

Order completion depends on what you’re looking for. If we have all required supplies
in stock, a bridal piece can be completed within 1-2 weeks from the original
consultation. If we need to custom IQ Option app order or dye certain supplies, the time frame will be
extended according to shipping or processing times. If the order includes several items
for the time frame will be extended as well based on quantity of items required.

How soon should I place my order with Frilly Bits?

We recommend that you order your Frilly Bit as soon as you have chosen your dress,
hairstyle and wedding theme. That ensures we have enough time from consultation, to
design, to creation, to make sure it’s the piece for you!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, all orders require a 25% deposit before the design process will be started.

What is the typical process?

Typically a bride will contact us and describe her vision. From there, if the bride is
local, we can book a complimentary consultation in which the bride may view and try on
a variety of samples. Once the consultation has been complete we begin the design and
creation process.

I don’t live in Canada. Am I still able to order a Frilly Bit?

Absolutely! Frilly Bits has created many custom orders for Brides all around the
world. Much of our consultations IQ Option review Philippines can be completed via email where the bride can
provide us with photos of their dress, advise us of their style preferences and any other
aspect that they think will help in our design process. During the creation process we
will photograph the piece at various stages and email the photos to obtain approval.

Why aren’t your prices listed on your site?

Since Frilly Bits is a fully custom service our prices are based on many factors. The
price of your piece will depend on things like size, materials used, amount of
embellishment and time spent to design and create each piece. All of our pieces are
designed specifically for each bride and made entirely by hand with the highest quality
materials available.

Are your feathers cruelty free?

Yes! We proudly admit that all of our feather supplies come from CRUELTY FREE sources.

Do you accommodate rush orders?

If you require a rush order, please let us know and we will do our utmost to work
within your time frame. There is an additional 25% charge that will be added to the
final price for rush orders. A rush order qualifies if the order is placed less than two
weeks before the item is needed as all of our items are custom and handmade.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Orders can be paid via cheque, money order, cash or email money transfer.

What method of shipping do you use?

All orders are shipped expedited via Canada Post. Cost of shipping is determined on
an individual basis due to weight and is the buyer’s responsibility. Orders are always
available for pick-up at no additional shipping or handling cost.

How is the item packaged?

All fascinators are packaged in a sturdy, crush-resistant box. We do our best to
protect all of our hair pieces in transit however, if an item does get damaged in the post
please contact us right away so we can exchange it for you.

What is your return policy?

Since all of our orders are custom, they will not be exchangeable/returnable and are
final sales.

How do I care for my custom Frilly Bit?

Once received, the care of your Frilly Bit lies with you. If handled with care your Frilly
Bit will last for many years. If how to invest in Tesco shares in the Philippines you order a veil, it will likely need to be steamed before
wearing to release wrinkles. If you cannot steam, you can iron on the lowest setting and
very lightly but be very careful as high temperatures can damage delicate veiling. You
can also mist with water and blow dry, again, on a low setting.

For handmade fabric flowers, please do not get wet and keep away from direct sunlight
(if hand dyed) and high humidity. They are not washable and we only recommend spot
hand cleaning if completely necessary and at your own risk, as spot treating could
discolour the fabric. Most elements are hand sewn and must be handled with care.

Feather pieces if they become ruffled or separate you can gently stroke the feathers to
bring the filaments back together or pass over them slightly with a soft toothbrush.
Handle feather pieces with care as they are delicate.

To keep dust off, pieces should be stored in their original box, or a similar substitute.